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22nd-Sep-2009 01:59 pm - live album
bree / in the golden sun
I just got this in my email;
Hi everyone.

Vienna and Alex here.

We like making music together. If you've seen us playing on tour, or listened to Inland Territory, you can probably tell.

Because you've been asking for a long time, because you've said such nice things about our duo shows, because for some wonderful reason you still want to BUY recordings of these performances even though you can probably find them for free on the Internet somewhere...

We're making a live album. And we want you to be part of it.

Vienna Teng & Alex Wong
recorded live in concert

Thursday 3 Dec 2009
Joe's Pub
7:30pm & 9:30pm

Sunday 20 Dec 2009
The Independent
5:00pm & 8:00pm

$5 of each ticket will be donated to:
Food Bank for New York City
San Francisco Bay Area Food Banks
Third Street Music School
Up On Top After-School Program


We've got a limited number of special packages for the late NY show and early SF show only. They include:

* preferred seating at the concert
* limited-edition autographed poster
* souvenir laminated pass - your ticket
* soundcheck party & lunch (SF) / dessert & afterparty (NY)

Purchase a concert package now!

General-admission tickets go on sale Friday, September 25 for Joe's Pub and Monday, September 28 for The Independent.

I hate that this is in December, oh my god. D: I would have coughed up the airfare for the NY one if I wasn't already swamped that month.
21st-Jul-2009 08:14 pm - Two Vienna Covers
Music | Piano
Presenting two covers of Vienna songs I've done recently:


Gravity - Meredith


Passage - Meredith
21st-Jul-2009 11:18 pm - Vienna icons
Sammy - Ben Browder! <3
Hi everyone, I've been a fan of Vienna for some time, and recently made a couple of icons that I thought you guys might like. Hope you enjoy!

& 19 more
21st-Jun-2009 09:04 am - Favorites from Inland Territory
Music - Angela Aki // Home
It's been some time since Inland Territory was released. I hope you all have your copy. =)

What's everybody's favorite song(s)?

Mine is "Stray Italian Greyhound".
14th-Apr-2009 07:55 am - Inland Territory
Ada McGrath - Holly Hunter
Just received my pre-ordered copy of Inland Territory last night and LOVE IT!!

Can't wait to see her when she comes to Portland next week!
13th-Apr-2009 12:36 am - april 29 @ the roxy
I got my tickets for Vienna's show at The Roxy on April 29th the other day. Is anyone else going to be there? :)
14th-Mar-2009 12:06 am - new moderator.
sondre / sound familiar
Hi everyone!

I recently joined pjammer as a maintainer of viennateng, and in the past few hours I've given us a new layout, a userinfo layout and I've given all the entries in the community tags so things will be easier to find here.

Please tag your entries in the future if the tag already exists! If not, I'll make it later. :)

Thank you!
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